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As a Man Thinketh 2: As You Think So You Are James Allen

As a Man Thinketh 2: As You Think So You Are

James Allen

Published March 1st 2005
ISBN : 9781597330039
Audio CD
72 pages
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 About the Book 

You miss 100% of the shots you do not take.ARE YOU READY TO TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE AND CIRCUMSTANCES? This is a NEW, MODERNIZED, and SUPPLEMENTED AUDIOBOOK version of James Allens classic As a Man Thinketh titled As a Man Thinketh 2: As You Think - So You Are by Ross Armetta.As a Man Thinketh has been universally recognized for almost 100 years as one of the most inspiring and powerful books ever written for self- transformation. It describes how your thinking will directly influence your life. It provides powerful suggestions on how you may influence and better your life by controlling your actions and circumstances - by what they think.The NEW As a Man Thinketh 2 / As You Think-So You AreIs more accessible and more actable than As a Man Thinketh.You can understand and USE it easier and more effectively instead of just sensing the beauty and truth in it.As a Man Thinketh 2 is MODERNIZED - Words, expressions, and references to things no longer known, recognized, understood, or that would be misunderstood are changed.AMERICANIZED - British words that could be confusing are changed.CLARIFIED - Much of James Allens work was poetic in nature. Unclear and confusing abstract concepts and metaphors have been made specific and comprehensible while still leaving the beauty, brilliance, and abstraction of some concepts in the work.SIMPLIFIED- As was common when this book was originally published, early 1900s, the language was often excessively embellished (padded). The work has been simplified to make the point as clear as possible while still keeping the beauty and elegance of the original.PERSONALIZED - NOT AS COLD AND IMPERSONAL: James Allen was English and the As a Man Thinketh was written in a much more formal time. It can be a bit distant and impersonal. As You Think So You Are is made to be directly applicable to you - by using you instead of a man etc.GENDER BALANCED - When written, as the original title suggests, the work almost exclusively addressed males. Now the text is balanced.SPECIFIED - Frequently some concepts were unclear, unnecessarily complex, and lacking in specifics. As A Man Thinketh 2 has added details to make the concepts more clear and actable.SUPPLEMENTED - Outward life has changed a lot in this 21st century compared to 100 years ago when James Allen wrote the original work. Context and situations that relate to todays world replace those that are outdated.EXPANDED - Some thoughts and chapters have been expanded to further clarify and make them more useful by being actable (doable) instead of just theoretical.DIGESTIBLE - As You Think - So You Are is broken into smaller more distinct sections to organize the mixed and un-indexed content. When James Allen wrote the original there were no computers and little editing was done. The new version As a Man Thinketh 2 / AS You Think - So You Are is arranged and grouped more appropriately. The information is more easily found and accessed.SUMMARIZED - All the content is summarized into key points at the end of each section. This reinforces the information and provides for quick and easy use as a reference or refresher.This work is not only inspirational - it is practical. It has specific information and examples to aid change, progress, and realization of goals in the listeners life.What will you do knowing the key secret to finding control in your life, the ability to realize your dreams, obtain wealth, health, and peace with yourself ?Imagine, doubling your income- being, lean, powerful, and appealing- finding greater depth and happiness in your relationships- and greater respect, joy, and love for yourself and life. This audiobook can help you get there.This is a family-friendly success / self improvement and life affirming audiobook. It makes a perfect gift for you and your loved ones.This audiobook is also available as part of the 7 Motivational Greats audiobook combo pack th