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Emerald Star Phill Petty

Emerald Star

Phill Petty

Published December 3rd 2007
ISBN : 9781604411188
242 pages
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 About the Book 

From the cliffs that loom over the rushing ocean below to the stars of the sky that spread beyond the sea, she stands, lost to them both. She takes a step closer to the only way out. The sun has long since set over the horizon at the Cliffs of Moher. Weeping, Irlanda sees her warm breath dissipating in the cold night air. Staring down, she catches a glimpse of the ocean far below. The waves crash upon the sharp, ominous rocks, bidding her liberation. Her blonde hair flutters in the wind as she looks back up at the darkened clouds and sees a shooting star ride the frozen sky. Bringing her arm up to her bosom, she wraps her hand around the cross that dangles from her necklace. aMother? Where are you?a she cries as she turns to fall upon her knees. aWhy have you done this to me?a