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Assassins and Victims Campbell Armstrong

Assassins and Victims

Campbell Armstrong

Published April 21st 2015
Kindle Edition
176 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

In Campbell Armstrong’s chilling novel of suburban horror, something evil lurks in the garden behind an English boardinghouseEric Billings is not a violent man—not really. It’s just that his temper sometimes gets the best of him. Eric has had fourteen apartments in the last two years. He isn’t sure why he keeps moving, but something always seems to go wrong. Take his latest residence, for instance. It’s a quiet room with a big window and a friendly landlady downstairs. But there’s a dog in the backyard that won’t stop barking at night. Eric is beginning to lose sleep, to miss work, to get angry. And when that happens, he can’t be sure what he’s going to do next.A winner of a Scottish Arts Council Award, this chilling novel of suburban horror shows that evil can hide beneath even the most benign exteriors.