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Christine Manfield

ISBN : 9780670870851
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 About the Book 

Many people use the bare minimum when it comes to spicing up their food, sticking with the standards of salt and pepper, cinnamon and nutmeg, oregano and basil. But spices should be a sensual feast that enlivens the palate, seduces the taste buds and tantalizes the mind. Spice is anything but dull, a cookbook love affair with the exotic and under-appreciated, and draws on spices and aromatics from countries such as Sri Lanka, Japan, Singapore, Tunisia, China, Thailand and Mexico.Spice includes a plethora of delicious recipes such as Saffron Prawn Risotto, Asparagus and Fragrant Curry Sauce, Smoked Eggplant and Spicy Masala Sauce, and Tangelo Cardamom Ice Cream. With a comprehensive spice index, a description of the wide variety of spices available today and a huge selection of recipes including everything from appetizers to drinks and desserts, Spice will add zest to everyones palate.Praise for Spice:Christine Manfield evokes rich aromas and luscious flavours from the very first page…The recipes, from traditional Thai pastes to Manfields own exotic inventions, are exceptional. - Marie Claire